Business Process Services

STERLING offers scalable business solutions that enable organizations meet their business goals, and implement changes as the business climate dictates. STERLING?s business solutions ? which encompass Application solutions, eBusiness solutions, and Infrastructural solutions are guaranteed, and have adequately addressed the business requirements of SMEs and large businesses around the globe.

Undertaking a massive project - within budget and within schedule - can be very chalenging. We obviously made the right decision in consulting STERLING. The STERLING approach to project definition, strategic planning, and business application development is exceptional.

Application Solutions - STERLING develops and deploys unparalleled application solutions. Whether you require content management server applications to enhance your content-focused processes or enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to streamline and integrate your business systems, STERLING can work with you to produce the best, and right, application solution for you. STERLING can assist in:

? Migrating legacy systems to the latest technologies
? Creating new applications to automate manual processes
? Expanding existing application interfaces to have browser, wireless, and windows versions
? Conducting code reviews and walkthroughs
? Supplementing internal development teams to facilitate completion of in-house system development projects
? Creating services to compliment your Enterprises Application Integration (EPI) projects

Our Application solutions are guaranteed; our application solutions always meet and exceed expected results. You most probably require our application solutions if you need to:

? Replace mission-critical legacy systems
? Extend your internal processes to accommodate partners and suppliers
? Give your applications a new interface
? Quickly and easily access data from legacy systems
? Adequately fulfill customer requests or acquire end-to-end transaction solutions
? Address potential security flaws in your application

We had a rather vague vision of using the Internet to enhance client offerings; but STERLING brought clarity through in-depth analysis and insightful definition of our e-business needs. Today our vision has become a reality and client satisfaction is up

eBusiness Solutions ? STERLING?s team applies its skill set and expertise in producing web sites, eCommerce sites, and unified portal applications that efficiently connect valuable information to the people (customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees) who need it. STERLING?s eBusiness solutions come with a variety of options, which include:

? Web Design & Back End Services - this option delivers web pages for web sites. This service is available as a complete service in which STERLING handles all hosting functions
? eCommerce Services - this option goes beyond the traditional web site offering to provide eCommerce sites with secure shopping carts and credit card capture.
? Move-In Services - this option provides a short phone tutorial, and a premium service in which pictures and appropriate information are obtained for building customized, and extensively detailed, web sites
? Internet Vertical Portal Hosting Services - this option provides professionally pre-designed eShops and web sites, in addition to integrated portal content, and real-time functionality such as a calendar and discussion groups
? Franchiser Hosting Services - this option allows for franchise-specific branding and content, in addition to the full range of STERLING?s eCommerce Services
? Industry Association Hosting Services - this option makes it possible for industry associations to enable their members save significant time and money in designing and customizing eShops and web sites, with no HTML knowledge or experience required. Associations can provide various services including chat rooms, and dynamically generated content?while ensuring that every requirement and specification of the Association is met.
? Tele Services - this option is targeted toward partners and clients who are considering the possibility of becoming eCommerce site owners

We needed to optimize our technologies to increase hard dollar savings. By standartizing our technologies with STERLING's business solutions, we have lowered overall infrastructure costs.

Infrastructural Solutions ? organizations use STERLING?s infrastructural solutions to establish reliable connectivity that allows exchange of data and information. Our relationships with IBM, Cisco, Sun, HP, and VERITAS provide added value to our infrastructural solutions. With detailed attention to each client?s proprietary hardware, mission critical applications, and business processes, STERLING has designed and implemented high performance infrastructural solutions for Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Virtual Private Networks, and Wireless environments.

STERLING?s infrastructural solutions are scalable, and cover every aspect of IT infrastructural issues such as load balancing, hardware redundancy, clustering, capacity planning, and disaster recovery. To maximize network security, STERLING?s infrastructural solutions also provide:

? Firewalls and perimeter defenses
? Secure remote connections
? Cryptographic acceleration
? Intrusion detection
? Log and event monitoring
? Content filtering and Internet access management
? Security architecture assessment and validation
? Internet security auditing (hacking and penetration testing)
? Incident handling and recovery