Network Facility Management

Network facility management presents challenges to SMEs and large businesses - challenges which siteCANADA is uniquely suited to address. siteCANADA is the central HUB from which STERLING provides its various network services.
siteCANADA's network facility management solutions are completely scalable to accommodate client growth and geographic expansion. With interactive, customized application hosting solutions from siteCANADA, you can use the web to leverage your current technology investment...while shortening the distance between customers and solutions, parts suppliers and products, marketers and new markets.

To sum it all up, STERLING's data center aggregates our widely distributed network resources and makes them operate as a single entry. By dealing with the centralized management ofnetwork resources,STERLING makes it easier for us to focus on adding value to our internal projects.

STERLING has set the standard for network facility management for years. Through its subsidiary, siteCANADA, STERLING offers:
Shared Hosting - Our shared hosting solutions include V/ISP Mini, V/ISP Pro, and V/ISP Merchant. STERLING?s V/ISP servers provide SSH shell access, complete customization and configuration, and the ability to host multiple web sites on one account - this functionality makes our shared hosting solutions stand out as one the very best in today's market.
Dedicated Hosting - We offer dedicated hosting solutions that allow your systems grow as your organization?s needs grow. Our dedicated hosting services provide a larger amount of uptime, greater server access, greater security, greater bandwidth, and superior technical support. Our dedicated hosting servers include Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, and Cobalt.
Application Hosting - Our application hosting solutions can help you streamline and simplify infrastructure management and get quicker returns from your IT investment. We host applications so that you can simply take advantage of your technologies - including your customized applications that been developed and deployed by STERLING - without any installation or maintenance concerns. Our application-hosting servers include:

? Real Server 7.0 - For stream Audio, Video, Flash and many more media-types
? Exchange Sever 5.5 - For complete messaging and enterprise collaboration
? Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 - For robust enterprise data management services and replication
? Windows Advance 2000 Server - For the integrated development, deployment, and management of applications in departments, and branch offices